Good night, good fight.

Honestly, its not easy being me. Cliche you might say, but its true.  Perhaps, its just me that I crave the attention of people showering down upon me. Especially women. I mean, seriously which man doesn’t? Less you’re gay or some pious guy who spends 16 hours in your place of worship or like one of those Tibetan monks. Damn, they are so darn cool living up in the mountains away from all the smog and politics of the bustling city life. This is me – the confused cosmopolitan. One side wants to be closer to peace and serenity and “in the arms of God” while the other half crave the deadly sins.

Wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. 

Perhaps not in any order but you get the idea. Often when the sinful part of me kicks in my head, I’m left with the dilemma of being right or being me. Unleashing the inner desires in me. O hell hath no fury. I know. But we live life once and although I believe in eternal life after death, the thought of waiting ever so long to reach it seemed to be killing me inside. Women, especially. They shaped and is still shaping me.

I just needed a platform to voice out my thoughts proper rather than tweet about it. The troubles, hard decisions and problems in life are sometimes meant to be channeled out of my system. The issues concerning women, the chase for success and sexual encounters are indeed fascinating. But deep down, it hurts to know that we cannot get what we want ultimately…

That elusive, ideal woman, all men dream about. 


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