What it means like to LOVE for men.


I’m no doctor love, but lately, its been apparent to me that no matter how tight my game is with the ladies while courting them, when it comes to the real deal of falling in love, this…this feeling just fucks up my system.

I’m not saying that I fool around and lead the ladies hopes up high on dates, but you know the feeling when you can connect with one person, emotionally, intellectually and at times, spiritually. It sends signals to your brain and it gets wired up in there. I’ve had my fair share of dates. Going out with women of different backgrounds, culture and looks. It is not a secret that when on dates, we should be entirely focused with our date and during the courtship period, we must learn not to be overly expressive with emotions, making us look so needy. But most times, when this thing called “love” starts to develop, it screws our “game” over.

Thing is, when we are in love and loving someone, I believe in this showing of affectionate to our partner. Not because its a “relationship thing” to do, but we’ll never know what could happen an hour, a day, after we part. We ought to give love and affection where love and affection is due. However not to the extent of being overly needy and creepy and possessive. That sucks. And we just gotta do what we feel is right in our heart, at that moment. Say it, cause we’ll never know if we will get to say it once more.

Although actions speaks louder than words, when apart, communication is vital and expressing one’s love for another just goes to show how much we care for them. As much as I try to play it cool, act nonchalant and be alpha, deep down, I feel the need to express myself. Sometimes I feel stupid saying the cheesy and cliche things to the one I love. At times, feel sad when they don’t respond to those sweet sayings. But its okay I guess. Different people, have different way of expressing. We just gotta learn to adapt to the relationship.

Trust, respect and putting down our ego goes a very long way in a relationship. Its never easy to be with someone who is “sought after” by other people as well nor be with someone who’s approach to family matters is somewhat different from yours. But what’s harder is putting our man ego aside and look beyond “what we want” and looking at “what’s good/better for the relationship.”.

Love affects us in many ways, unfathomable by us sometimes. Being in love changes the way we live our life, how we make time for our loved one, how we learn to adapt to changes in circumstances and also makes us work more to work things out even she if thinks she is right.

Afterall, your ego will be the reason you lose everything that matters most to you.


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