Letting go of Ego.


” Instead of preserving your ego and letting go of the relationship, let go of the ego and preserve the relationship.” 

Egos are a deadly. They destroy relationships, friendships, network and even love. All men have ego. The degree and intensity of the ego then lies in the individual. Some small and negligible, others huge like a big ass Hiroshima bomb, ready to wipe out the very existence of things which threatens their pride. Being in a loving relationship is a challenge. Yes, most times there’ll be the romantic, lovely dovey, intimate stuffs. But also, along that comes with it is EGO.

I admit, I’m a man of great ego.

When I was younger, I can NEVER lose. I didn’t like to lose. I MUST win. Along the way, as I get older, such traits and characteristics still linger in my system. However, due to experiences and interaction with people have made me aware that this THING called ego gets me no where. Yes, at the moment in time, we might get things done our way, get what we want, feel that we have “won” an argument etc… When actually, we have lost the very people who respected us and trusted us. They giving in to us was very much different from me winning them.

Fast forward to a couple of years, I’m now 25 this year, and I know how it feels like to be shut out from my own opinions and letting the other party “win” it. Its a strange and funny feeling deep down in my heart cause I feel the need to prove the other party wrong but at the same time, I question myself – WHAT DO I WIN? Perhaps the argument or  petty discussion on what to wear, what is the next MRT station and what guys think or do. As much as I feel I am right, being in a relationship requires a lot of patience, trust and respect. Small things like these does not have to be blown into enormous proportions and I should just let it pass. After all, a thing like EGO certainly does not need to be preserved in a relationship.

Loving someone, to me, means putting aside the ego and work towards a better future. Egos hurt people and if you truly love someone, you would try and minimize such hurt – be it physically, emotionally or spiritually.


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