Inna Maa ‘Al Yusry Yus Ron

Haters gonna hate

“See the best in others by not assuming they see the worst.”

Lately, it was nothing short of a barrage of bombs whacking me up, down, centre, left and right. Its strange how just last week everything was going on fine and well, made new business contacts and friends and everything just seemed to bloom. But in just a week how things can turn itself around. Perhaps its me. Perhaps, just perhaps, I’m over thinking & analyzing stuffs. People like to assume. Correction. They LOVE to assume. And i should not be part of the gin gang.

Assume about stuffs and perception of someone just because they THINK their judgement is right. I very much hate it when people assume that I workout a lot and have sinewy muscles and/or “abang gym/body” means I’m tough overall. In fact, most times I feel that the gym is my solace. Well, besides praying that is. I mean, the gym is where I meet like-minded individuals who would motivate me to be better (physically) and help me achieve a certain target of fitness too. Its an escape from the harshness of reality and the fact that the only pain you get will become something tangible and good in the near future.

Haters gonna hate but you should not be hateful back. Instead, I ask Allah to guide those who may hate me.

And I am here to pray for those who don’t know the truth about me and/or the people I’m connected with, people who have been fooled by hearsays, assumptions & gossips and even for those who knows the truth and they want to destroy it. May your hearts be opened and you realize your foolishness and repent, for God is forever forgiving to all mankind.

Verily for every difficulty, there is relief.


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