Of Monkey & Roses

Study date

The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated. – William James.

Today was a first. First time i brought out my little sister out. And it was an outing with 2 of probably ze most entertaining girls i’ve known. My hand’s still busted from that kick last week though and its rather annoying cause it makes it hard for me to pick up stuffs, grip things and even do a peace sign. Dafuq?! But i guess, there’s a hikmah in everything that has happened.

Being out with the two 16 year olds and H had been fun. Lots of talking, singing, eating and laughter. Much love all these 3 girls. Though we only spent a short time together studying and eating, deep down inside of me, I feel loved and was slowly loving the girls even more. Not like a lusty kind of love, but the kind where you know, if there’s a war, they would be in a list of people i’d fight for and defend.

Anyways, passionate sentiments aside, these past few days have been a blessing. And the last time I met H, was on Thursday (2 days ago) where I managed to get Monkey out of the shop. At first I thought I lost it when it wasnt at the soft toys area, but thankfully, through my persistent enquiries i managed to track it down – at the basement level of the shop.

I’m glad i bought Monkey. Because that had been the plan all along since H and I last saw it in the shop a few days/weeks back. I was thinking of ways to transport it because i dont think i could transport a huge ass soft toy via motorbike. Like most things in my life, God seems to have planned it all – he gave me a broken hand and i HAD to go public. Transportation dilemma, settled!

Monkey love

Waiting and waiting for the doctor at AH to mend my fractured hand. We look cute.

But yeah, coincidentally, the day we planned to meet coincided with V-day (i dont celebrate this shit) and through a friend I managed to get contacts to purchase a bouquet of roses. It wasnt overtly overpriced and since its been a month being together, its nice to surprise my loved one now and then. Blah blah blah, planning was simple, executing it was a little tricky cause i had to use my phone most of the time to liaise with my contact. I ALMOST GOT BUSTED IN KFC. Phew!

Thankfully, the flowers were delivered safe and sound and it felt nice knowing that my plan succeeded for both Monkey and the roses. I must admit, when my heart is open and free from negative thoughts, i tend to have a plethora of ideas on showering my family and loved ones with love. Often, I tend to forget to focus on my own life like school work and business. Haha!

I understand that I dont have much to provide or give to them now. I am not that wealthy or earning big bucks, nor do i have a car to fetch them and send them around. Yes, I have many great and exciting plans and often, it involves a lot of money. That sucks. Thus, i am left to providing them with my time AND something which i have in abundance to give to those who deserve it, that is – love. Someday, God willing, I will provide my loved ones with something more than just love and time. Amin.

Till then, Thank You for loving me.


Someday, I’ll get you, Audi.


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