The 7 Most Appealing Qualities In People


Pray more, worry less.

Chanced upon an article in Thought Catalog (they always have interesting thought provoking articles I must add) which describes the 7 most appealing qualities in people. Though Im pretty sure there are other qualities which would appeal to people too, but in general sense, these 7 top the list. You can read more about the article HERE.

The 7 most appealing qualities are (not in any order of significance) as follows:

1) A sense of humour

2) A sense of adventure

3) The ability to listen

4) Being Hot

5) Intelligence 

6) Individuality 

7) Honesty

Reading these qualities, makes me realise how much I’ve grown from being that rude, arrogant, fuck-care attitude, chasing after wealth, everything has to go my way, skinny boy, ignorant of people’s feelings and immature in thought. Its not as if I woke up one day and *POOF* I became so much better as a person, as a man, as a human being. Yes, we all make mistakes, it just mean that I am only human and we learn from our experiences. Sometimes, once, sometimes, a couple of times….the hard way. I am turning 25 real soon, in 2 days time, and although I am still far from where I aim to be, but everyday im taking steps to get to my goals. God willing, I will achieve it.

I’ve knocked my head a couple of times, fall down, picked myself up, let my heart go, only for it to be toyed with, get disappointed, failed, was on the brink of failure, got burnt, accidents, shit happens, tired both mentally and physically…truly, it was hard. Of course there were times which was simple, carefree, full of love and happy. But those positive moments, were not the ones which shaped me. Ironically, its the bad ones which do. You know, you can’t shape steel with water… Steel is moulded by heat, by fire, by one which causes the metal elements to break down. But these breaking down of elements allow one to be moulded into perhaps, something better.

I dont know what to feel anymore or how to feel anymore. Reading the 7 most appealing qualities in people, I wonder do I really have them all…or even more? Maybe Im lacking in the “HOT” department. Or perhaps the “LISTENING” part. I must admit, Im not an excellent listener, but I do listen to people’s needs and wants… and sometimes assess the situation if it is justifiable to act the way others want us to act. Listening does not mean being pussy-whipped. A good listener is practically using up whatever’s left of his time to spend time listening to you, your problems, your happy moments, about your day, your work, your exam, your life. They may not give the best advices or solutions, but they were there, for you and for me.

Turning 25, i’ve met so many people who taught me how to live life, love life and love. I dare say Im working towards having these 7 most appealing qualities in a person in me. Working my way up to be a better man. Afterall, time is not money. Time is value. And how you use your time demonstrates what you value. And at this moment, I value myself because only when we learn how to value and love ourselves, will we be ready to appreciate and love others wholeheartedly.

That being said, I cant wait for 31st March. Good tidings and love beckons. xoxo


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