My Wonderweiz.


How sad. How very sad.

It had to come to this.

You were that voice, at 5 in the morning

That brought me serenity and bliss.


You didnt understand,

It was more than about a meet.

It was the idea, the thought, behind it,

That got me worked up a bit.


Perhaps someday our path might cross,

Once again by some strange means.

You have a good life now and ahead of you,

Just hold on to your Deen.


I admire you. I like you.

I love you to say the least.

The unconditional love as a friend,

To a “stranger” whom I will truly miss.


Wonderweiz Wonderweiz Wonderweiz.

Like a snow flake which comes and go.

Till we meet again, I dont know,

As a friend, I love you so.


Thank you for being there,

For me in my easy times or hard.

A memory you shall be,

Etched in my mind and (saddened) heart.


The Reventon.