The Kinds Of People You Really Need To Stop Dating

Pay attention. Pay attention to the ones who love you and also the ones who never could.

Thought Catalog

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? You need to stop dating people who hate themselves. If someone doesn’t practice self-love, you can pretty much guarantee that they won’t know how to love you.

You need to stop dating people as an experiment. “I wonder what it’s like to date someone short or depressed or Republican or Christian or vegan.” Stop. Stop. Stop. You know what it’ll be like. You’re no longer the person swimming in naïveté. You understand things now. You understand people, relationships and dynamics. Most importantly, you understand yourself. You no longer have the luxury of pretending that you don’t know any better. (And that sucks because the second you figure things out, life becomes less fun, doesn’t it?)

You need to stop dating people who make you feel any different than who you really are. Or ashamed. Or hesitant. No. You…

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How We Let People Go

“There will come a day when you don’t care, but you won’t notice it, because you will have other things to think about.”

Thought Catalog

There is a specific feeling which exists only when you run into someone you had long forgotten about. It’s probably most palpable when it’s an ex, but it can happen with friends who were once particularly close. It is comparable to a scab that seems to have been on your skin forever — a scrape which was once quite painful but has been so long in the healing process that you no longer notice its presence when you wash over it in the shower. You peel it off almost out of boredom and suddenly there is a drop or two of blood, something that vaguely resembles the wound it once was, now too distant to really cause any discomfort. These people are wounds which have healed over, which have never quite turned into scars but which have become just another part of your lived-in body.

Letting someone go — when…

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